Welcome to Enklave! Discover Berlin’s best rated coworking space.

Free German Classes, Flexible Coworking, Daily Community Events


Free daily food events including the nicest community of the world

Every day at 1pm we’re serving free fresh and homemade food to our members and visitors. This way you can have a dedicated break and get the chance to meet other members. And if you don’t feel like like food and community: no problem. Simply keep working in the other rooms, they are sound isolated.  


Focus better

We make it easy for you to meet nice people from all around the world. But if you need to focus, you’ll love that we have 4 different noise levels with clear rules from super social to absolutely silent. i


Free screens and standing desks

We provide healthy chairs, natural materials in all furniture, free screens, fiber internet, free printing, standing desks and many more features so you can work more productive and healthy.

Workshops at the Enklave Coworking Space in Neukölln, Berlin

Events, workshops and meeting room

Expand your knowledge, get feedback and exchange ideas every day and during special events, meet-ups and roundtables. We also provide a fancy meeting room for up to 8 people.


Free B**r Tasting Every Friday

Every Friday evening you’re kindly invited to dive into the weekend with fellow members and lots of free b**r, often the beginning of a long and fun night in Neukölln.


Focus in the silence room

No calls, no music, no conversations. Just you and whatever you need to focus on. Our silent room has helped a couple of people with their phd, code and book writing challenges. 


Everything at Enklave is based on your feedback

We’re doing everything to be the best coworking space in Berlin and constantly improve and develop new features based on your feedback If you have an idea, please let us know!


Join us for a run (or bbq) on the Tempelhof Airport

We love great food but some of us also love to do sports. The former airport is only 2 minutes away and is perfect for all kinds of sports and afterwards you can use our shower and be free fresh again. 


Call and Skype as much as you like

We got dedicated zones for calls and skypes so you don’t have to feel guilty of doing your job. 


Kitchen and shower included

Have a great coffee or cook with your own ingredients that you can store in our fridges and shelves. And if you wanna do sports after eating we also have a very nice shower you can use.


Join a truly diverse community

Our community comes from all over the world and works in many different fields from coding, design and business to science, research, writing and art. We make sure that no assholes join our community and keep Nazis out.


Come over and test everything with no obligation

You’ll find us at Kienitzer Str. 100 in 12049 Berlin Neukölln. The next U8 stop is only 2 minutes away and called Boddinstrasse. Tours and free trial days are possible every weekday morning, please schedule your tour so our team can reserve time for you.