Coworking Space Community Lunch @ Enklave every Monday

Connect with 200 like-minded members at our new coworking space in Berlin Neukölln

Join a true community, not just a coworking space.

Coworking Space Community Lunch @ Enklave every Monday

Start your week with community lunch

Every Monday one member is cooking something delicious for our community. Discover food from all over the world and meet fellow members.

Focus at Enklave Coworking Berlin GmbH

Or focus in the other rooms. That’s cool, too.

We make it easy for you to connect with our community, but it’s up to you if and when you wanna join. You’ll always find a desk to focus.

Enklave Coworking Space Berlin Breakfast on WEdnesday

How do you feel about free breakfast?

You’re invited to join our free breakfast buffet every Wednesday morning. Another chance to meet nice people and eat the best waffles in Berlin.

Workshops at the Enklave Coworking Space in Neukölln, Berlin

Learn something new

Expand your knowledge, get feedback and exchange ideas at our workshops, meet-ups and roundtables.

Coworking Space Berlin B**r Tasting

Enjoy yourself at the free b**r tasting

You’re invited to dive into the weekend with free b**rs and lovely people every Friday evening at 6pm.

Silent room at Enklave Coworking Space Berlin

Concentrate better in the silent room

Sometimes you just want to be on your own without noise and distraction. You’ll love our silent room where no calls and conversations are allowed.

Town Hall Meeting at Enklave Coworking in Berlin Neukölln

Suggest our upcoming features

Everything at Enklave is based on our members. Once a month we ask you for feedback and ideas to make sure Enklave is your perfect coworking space.

Coworking Space in Berlin - We also run at Enklave

Join us for a run on the former Tempelhof airport

You probably noticed our passion for food. The good news is: We also go running together on Tempelhofer Freiheit, at least we try.

Coworking Space Berlin Neukölln / Our lovely neighbours on Kienitzer Str. 100 in Berlin's Schillerkiez

Do your Calls and Skypes

Ok, so we didn’t have an awesome picture to show you that our coworking space has 3 different noise zones, but isn’t our neighbour just adorable? We promise you’re always able to do your calls without being distracted or distracting others. You can also use our meeting room for critical calls. 

Fun break at the Enklave Coworking Space in Berlin

Have a nice break

The members of Enklave come from a lot of different professional and academic backgrounds which makes your coffee break always fun and interesting.