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All memberships can be cancelled with only 30 days notice, so you’re never trapped in a long-term contract.

Pay As You Go

€29.99 Flex

Your workload keeps changing, is below 25 hours a week or you wanna see if Coworking is right for you?  Join our community for 29.99€ per 4 weeks and pay only 0.99€ for every hour you actually use the coworking space. 

Price per 4 weeks excl. VAT. Recurring membership, cancel with 30 days notice.

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Full Time Unlimited


You’re working more than 25 hours per week on average? We recommend our Full Time Unlimited membership with unlimited hours at any time, 24/7 Access via bluetooth and unlimited access to all community events for a low flatrate free of only 149.99€ per 4 weeks.

Billed every 4 weeks excl. VAT. Recurring membership, cancel with 30 days notice.

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Can I sign-up online?

Yes. Just click Become a member now and fill out all fields.

How can I pay?

You can pay with credit card or direct debit. Our payments are processed by Stripe and GoCardless, global payment processors that make sure all data is processed safe and secure.

Can I cancel anytime?

Yes. You’re never stuck in a long term contract at Enklave. You can cancel your membership with only 30 days notice, just send us an email to support (at)

What happens after I signed-up?

You need to meet with a member of our team to get your 24/7 access and a quick security briefing. Our team is at Enklave every weekday morning from 10 am to help you get started.

Do you offer day and week passes?

Yes, we offer week passes for travellers and digital nomads for 49.90€ including 24/7 access. Please sign-up here.

Will I receive an invoice?

Yes. After you signed up, you’ll automatically receive your invoice via email. Following invoices are automatically generated and send to you based on your billing period.

Can I come for a tour before signing-up?

Yes. We invite you to book a free tour and trial before you decide if you wanna join our community. Just click the Free Trial Day button on our main site and leave your details.

What are the opening hours of Enklave?

All members get 24/7 access with our mobile app for free, so you can come and go anytime. Non and new members must meet our team on any weekday morning at 10 am to get access.

Can I switch memberships?

Yes. Upgrades from Pay As You Go to Full Time are possible immediately, downgrades from Full Time to Pay As You Go are possible with 30 days notice. Just write us at support (at) and we’ll confirm your membership switch right away.

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